About the Ashby Historical Society

Ashby Historical Society

Main Street in 1890's


"The purpose of the Society is to cultivate and to encourage historic interest in the Town of Ashby and its vicinity, to collect and preserve historical matter relating thereto, to promote historical research and to encourage participation in the observance of historical anniversaries."

The Ashby Historical Society was organized in 1900 to preserve and encourage interest in Ashby's history. Originally located in School House #1 on New Ipswich Rd., we are now housed in the Old Engine House at 846 Main Street. The Society is supported by member donations, fund raisers throughout the year and the sale of books and mementos on Ashby history.

The real reason people join the Society is to have fun and pass on the knowledge of history and how it has shaped our community today. We do that through interpretive events, taking part in the community and spreading the knowledge of Ashby history.

Main Street in 1890's

Interpretation is an important part of our mission. Exploring people and events as well as putting them in context helps the understanding of how our past has influenced us today. If you would like to help with this important part of our mission please contact us.

Main Street in 1890's

Community events are an important part of what makes a community. The members of the Historical Society participate in as many community events as we can. If there is an event you feel is important please let us know and perhaps there is a way we can participate.

Main Street in 1890's

Spreading knowledge while raising funds is is an enjoyable way to support the Society. We offer a number of publications related to Ashby history. Sales of the books and maps help support the Society financially. This a great way to get out and meet people. If you are interested in offering your time to assist with book and map sales please contact us.

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