Ashby Historical Society

Ashby Historical Society
Preserving Ashby History

Main Street in 1890's


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Ashby Veteran Videos, The Ashby Town Pump, June, 1944 to September 1945


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The Ashby Historical Society was formed in 1900 by residents with a goal of preserving Ashby's history for future generations. That mission continues today with volunteers involved in many activities to make sure our history is not forgotten. Preservation has many aspects. It is assessing, cleaning and repairing objects. It is cataloging materials and filing documents. It is transcribing and publishing historic documents. We are always looking for people interested in this area of endeavor. Some work can be done at home and some requires working at the Old Engine House.

Preservation doesn't just include working with documents and old objects, it is also building maintenance, restoring farm machinery and upkeep of the hand pump fire engines. There is really something for everyone to do!


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A major part of the mission of the Ashby Historical Society is to educate the public about Ashby's unique history. The Old Engine House will be open on a regular schedule starting in May 2018. This will provide an opportunity for the public to visit. Staff will on hand to interpret the exhibits. Speaking of exhibits there is opportunity for individuals or groups to present specialty exhibits on a particular subject.

Another area of education take place outside the building. This includes working with the Elementary School on programs for children as well as walking tours of the Common area. We are always open to those who might like to organize special programs devoted to historic music, games or the trades.


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The Ashby Historic Society, Inc. is what keeps everything going. It is a nonprofit organization run by a board of directors elected by the members. "The purpose of the Society is to cultivate and to encourage historic interest in the Town of Ashby and its vicinity, to collect and preserve historical matter relating thereto, to promote historical research and to encourage participation in the observance of historical anniversaries."

While the board oversees finances and set a long term direction it is the members who make things happen. Members help write and publish the Society's quarterly newsletter, they keep in contact with other local historical societies and groups, organize events and they bring their own special knowledge to the organization.

Becoming a member is easy and can be done online, by mail or in person.