croquet on the lawn about 1890Lawn croquet on Main Street about 1905

Paint the Engine House Fund

We estimate the cost of hiring a painter to paint the Ashby Market side of the Old Engine House at $2,200. The Town has $1,500 in an account dedicated to the building. The difference needs to be made up by donations. Doug Leab has donated his time to paint the front of the building. We have already received a $100 donation from a member happy to see what Doug has done so far. If each of us will donate what we can afford we'll be able to complete the east side for the town bicentennial.

Books on Ashby

"Ashby Appeteasers" reprint of the original by Ashby Historical Society

This classic cookbook is hand written and illustrated by the family cooks of Ashby in 1950.

"Images of America: Ashby" by the Ashby Historical Society

Over 100 pages of historic photographs of Ashby places and people at work and play. Many have never before published.

"1875 Ashby Map" reprinted by the Ashby Historical Society

A reprint of the 1875 Ashby map on heavy stock.

Join the Society

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