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1834 needlepoint from Ashby

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The links here will take you docuemnts that are in our collection. Some are scans of originals and some are transposed into print for ease of reading. Original spelling and puncuation was retained

Ashby Town Pump

The Ashby Town Pump was a newsletter published in Ashby during the last 2 years of WWII and documents what was going on in town and the activities of Ashby's military personel at home and abroad. Thank you to BJ Hill for making these available.

June, 1944
July, 1944
August, 1944
September, 1944
October, 1944
November, 1944
December, 1944
January, 1945
February, 1945
March, 1945
April, 1945
May, 1945
June, 1945
July, 1945
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