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1834 needlepoint from Ashby


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By joining the Ashby Historical Society you help the ongoing effort to preserve Ashby's history. The Society has been at work preserving the legacy of those who have built our town for over 100 years. Do your part to keep the effort going.

Your membership will allow you to receive invitations to special events, participate in the annual meeting, join others preserving our heritage and have fun participating in the community. If you would like to help we need editors for our newsletter, display designer and set up, handyman to assist with displays and minor repairs, docent for tours and anything else we haven't thought of.

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  • single - $20
  • family - $25
  • single senior - $15
  • family senior - $20
  • sponsor - $50
  • donor - $100

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Yard Sale Table Donations

We need your donations of your unwanted saleable stuff. Sale proceeds go to AHS. Don’t have enough stuff to hold your own yard sale? Donate your items to a good cause. Check your barn, garage, basement and attic and contact us today.

  • No hassle. We will pick it up!
  • Contact: voice or text; 978-386-7981, email;
  • Sorry, no clothing, furniture larger that a side chair, items over 50 lbs.

Other Donations

Donations are always appreciated and go toward maintaining the Old Engine House and preserving the collection of artifacts and documents relating to Ashby's history. We operate with an all volunteer staff so 100% of your donation goes to preservation or programs. Donations over the membership rate include mmbership. Donations of objects related to Ashby history are encouraged. The Society is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be mailed to the Ashby Historical Society, PO Box 90, Ashby, Ma 01431

If you would like to contact us about a potential donation email or call 978-386-7981.


An Orderly Book for Capt. Abijah Wyman’s Company for Col. William Prescott’s Regiment 5 of August 1775 to December ye 30th 1775

Orderly book cover

The Ashby Historical Society has recently received a late 1800’s copy of the 1775 Orderly Book of Captain Wyman’s Company of Ashby Minuteman during the siege of Boston in early days of the Revolutionary War.

An Orderly Book is like a ship’s log recording the day to day events of the unit. In this case the Ashby men serving under Captain Wyman.

The book is the only surviving copy of this information and is in many ways priceless. It is handwritten on handmade paper, probably by a descendant of Captain Wyman and was found in the old Wyman Tavern. When copied it was nicely illustrated with both black and white and watercolor drawings.

The book is about 9X12 inches, the quality of the paper is such that it has survived well, however the binding is shot and the book cannot be viewed without causing further damage.

The Society has received a proposal from the Northeast Document Conservation Center for $5,000 to rebind, restore and preserve it. We have begun actively fundraising toward this goal.

Business can participate in our corporate sponsor program and advertise in the quarterly newsletter, Ashby Historic Times.


membership drive featuring Wayne & Kathy

Volunteer with the Ashby Historical Society

The Ashby Historical Society is a volunteer organization. We rely on volunteers for everything from pies to painting. Volunteering can be as little as few hours per year to taking on a long term project. It's an easy way to contribute to the Society and the community. Call us today and tell us in what way you can help. There is something for for nearly all vocations, ages and skill levels. Give it a try.

If you would like to participate email or call 978-386-7981.

Business can participate in our corporate sponsor program and advertise in the quarterly newsletter, Ashby Historic Times.