Group of people with horse and wagon at Ashby, MA

Images of America; Ashby book cover

Images of America; Ashby

A new book looking at Ashby's history through the camera lens. Over 200 photographs of Ashby's past including the eariest know school class photo (1864), Damon's steam powered rock crusher, horse drawn school busses at the high school and more. Each photo is accompanied by a caption explaining the photo. Profits benefit the Ashby Historical Society.

Live locally? Call 386-7981 to pick up in Ashby or order online to have it shipped. We can mail to any U.S. address. These make great gifts for friends who have moved from Ashby over the years.

Available Now

"Images of America: Ashby" by the Ashby Historical Society

The price is $21.99 plus tax. 3 ways to get your copy!

Or send a check for $21.99 plus $7.25 shipping to Ashby Historical Society, PO Box 90, Ashby MA 01431. Massachusetts residents add $1.37 per copy state sales tax.