Ladies having fun at Ward Pond Ashby, MA about 1900

Join the Ashby Historical Society

By joining the Ashby Historical Society you help the ongoing effort to preserve Ashby's history. The Society has been at work preserving the legacy of those who have built our town for over 100 years. Do your part to keep the effort going.

Your membership will allow you to receive invitations to special events, participate in the annual meeting and join others preserving our heritage. If you would like to help we need an editors for our newsletter, display designer and set up, handyman to assist with displays and minor repairs, docent for tours and whatever we haven't thought of.

  • single - $20
  • family - $25
  • sponsor - $50
  • donor - $100
  • single senior - $15
  • family senior - $20
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Or send a check to Ashby Historical Society, PO Box 90, Ashby MA 01431.

New Book on Ashby

"Images of America: Ashby" by the Ashby Historical Society

Available September 21, 2015. Over 100 pages of historic photographs of Ashby. Many have never before been published. More information Images of America: Ashby