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An Orderly Book for Capt. Abijah Wyman's Company for Col. William Prescott's Regiment, 5 of August 1775 to December ye 30th 1775

Orderly book cover

The Ashby Historical Society has recently received a late 1800's copy of the 1775 Orderly Book of Captain Wyman's Company of Ashby Minuteman during the siege of Boston in early days of the Revolutionary War.

An Orderly Book is like a ship's log recording the day to day events of the unit. In this case the Ashby men serving under Captain Wyman.

The book is the only surviving copy of this information and is in many ways priceless. It is handwritten on handmade paper, probably by a descendant of Captain Wyman and was found in the old Wyman Tavern. When copied it was nicely illustrated with both black and white and watercolor drawings.

The book is about 9X12 inches, the quality of the paper is such that it has survived well, however the binding is shot and the book cannot be viewed without causing further damage.

The Society has received a proposal from the Northeast Document Conservation Center for $5,000 to rebind, restore and preserve it. We have begun actively fundraising toward this goal.


The Ashby Minutemen responded to the alarm spread by William Dawes and Paul Revere on April 18, 1775 but arrived too late to participate in the Battle of Concord Bridge. They did stay on to participate in the Siege of Boston. The Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17th was the first battle of the Siege. Two Ashby Minutemen lost their lives in the battle. On July 2nd General Washington arrived and took command of the nascent Continental Army. This book gives us an insight into the military life of the Ashby Minutemen and the earliest days of the Revolutionary War.

In 1976 Clark Green was cleaing out the old Wyman Tavern where he lived. Kenny Johnson was active in the Ashby Minutemen who were preparing for the nation's bicentennial. One day Clark called Kenny over and handed him the book asking that he save it for future generations. Kenny kept it safe at his farm for the next four decades. In 2019 Kenny called the Society and hand us the book asking that it be saved for future generations.


Head Quarters Cambridge august - 28, 1775

Parole (password) Essex - Countersign Falmouth

As nothing is more permisions to the health of soljiers nor more Certainly Productive of the Bloodey flux (diarrhea) then drinking new Cyder the gen'l in the most Positive manner Commands the Entire disuse of the same and orders the quarter master gen'l this Day to publish advertisements to acquaint the Inhabitants of the Surrounding District as Such of them as are Detected Bringing new Cyder in to the Camp after Thursday the last day of this month may Depend on having their Casks Stove.